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Zuni Picasso Marble Badger Fetish by Alvin Haloo


Zuni Picasso Marble Badger Fetish by Alvin Haloo GA170097

North American Indians have long used animal fetishes to connect with the higher forces of Nature and Spirit. By accessing the particular animal spirit within each fetish, we ask to “borrow” or enhance such a quality within ourselves. This badger has a very expressive face with turquoise eyes and a turquoise arrow inlaid on his back.

Fetish: Badger- Associated with the South. The badger dominates the activities of husbandry and agriculture, relatively small but fierce and tenacious and has been known prevail over animals far larger, as such they can be counted on in tight situations to display boldness and perseverance. Badger represents passion and persistence. He will not give up until he has reached a desired goal. Living close to the ground, he has great knowledge of the earth.

Fetish Carver: Alvin Haloo

Material: Picasso Marble

Measures: 3" Long, 1 3/4" Wide, 1" High

Signed: Yes

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