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Sterling Silver Earrings by Anderson Koinva


Sterling Silver Earrings by Anderson Koinva JE160271

Born in 1956, Anderson Koinva is from Shungopavi Village in Second Mesa, Arizona. Anderson grew up on the Hopi Reservation and was incredibly talented at an early age. In the 1980s his father-in-law, Bernard Dawahoya, a master silversmith in Second Mesa, taught Anderson the Hopi overlay technique. To this day, Anderson honors Bernard by continuing to use the process in his own designs. Mr. Koinva uses the hallmark of his clan, the Sun Forehead, on the reverse of his striking jewelry pieces.

Koinva's intricate overlay technique is on full display in these unique bear paw earrings. The bear paw design was cut from one piece of sterling silver, then laid over another piece and soldered together. The cutout design was oxidized to make it darker; it adds to the clean, bold contrast Koinva is known for. Length: 1 1/2" Width: 1/2"

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