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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Bearing shades of light blue like a robin’s egg, with little to no veining or webbing, Sleeping Beauty turquoise is what many consider classic American turquoise – a gem of the Southwest. Often used in different styles of Native American jewelry, like Zuni needlepoint and inlay pieces, it is perhaps the finest turquoise found anywhere on earth.

Situated seven miles out of Globe, Arizona, the Sleeping Beauty mine sits on top of a mountain that many say looks like a sleeping woman laying on her back with her arms crossed – hence its name. Formerly a gold and copper mine, after copper mining ended in the 70s, Sleeping Beauty became a turquoise mine. For many years, it was one largest producers of turquoise in the US until it ended operations in 2013.

Since it is no longer mined, Sleeping Beauty turquoise is more desirable than ever. Fortunately, Pickle Barrel Trading Post carries Sleeping Beauty turquoise jewelry. You can find plenty of unique Sleeping Beauty turquoise jewelry pieces here in our online store.

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