Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelets Collection


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stamped Pillbox


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stamped Pillbox SB160057

This genuine sterling silver pillbox is emblazoned with intricate stampwork across its top, which is hinged and snaps shut, crowned with a hand-cut Sleeping Beauty turquoise cabochon. 1.6" outer diameter, 1.4" inner diameter

Artist: Jeffrey Castillo, Navajo

This turquoise is sourced from the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine, which is recognized for having produced some of the finest turquoise in the world.

An open Sleeping Beauty turquoise pillbox with the artist's stamped engraving in silver A top view of the stamped pillbox showcasing the intricate stampwork around the edge and the turquoise stone in the center