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Sertodo Copper Beverage Set


Sertodo Copper Beverage Set SG180028

Sertodo Copper is based in Austin Texas and Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacan, Mexico. Using 100% recycled copper, they create spectacular, usable products. Each piece is handcrafted and hand-hammered. Durable and luminous, copper is also a fantastic way to keep beverages extra-chilled!

This Sertodo Copper 4-piece beverage set comes with (2) 12 oz. hand-hammered copper cups and a tray with rolled edges; the Gangotri pitcher with lid has a sleek chrome handle. Perfect for Mint Juleps on Derby Day, Moscow Mules for two, or as a bedside tray for water.

Tray Measurements: 16" X 11.5" X .75"

Pitcher: 9" X 7"

Cups: 3.75", Diameter 3.75"

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