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Rare Navajo Kilt by Gerard Begay


Rare Navajo Kilt by Gerard Begay GA160001

Gerard Begay is Diné, originally from Indian Wells, AZ and his clan is Big Water - born for the Black Streaked Clan. He attended Arizona State University and Northland Pioneer College. Gerard's grandmothers, Betty Begay and Lucy Lee, were both weavers. Lucy introduced Gerard to weaving. She demonstrated how to weave and the various styles. Grandma Lucy passed away, however, before she could get Gerard to weave. Four years later, in the Spring of 2013, Gerard began to weave with the help and guidance of Sharie Monsam, Mary Walker and Liz Munk. In the fall of 2013, he presented "Culture and Relevance:The Navajo Rug" at the Arizona Indian Education Association Parent Conference. A month later, Gerard brought five 18 x 18 inch pieces to the Heard Museum Gathering of Weavers Market.

Gerard enjoys weaving most traditional rug patterns, blankets twill saddle blankets, rug dresses and contemporary designs.

This rare Navajo Kilt is crafted in wool and adorned with vintage coins. Kilt is fully lined.This is a wrap around style with tie straps. Main color is dark navy blue with white, orange, light blue and gray accent colors.

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Rare Navajo Kilt by Gerard Begay Rare Navajo Kilt by Gerard Begay