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Kokopelli Silver Overlay Bracelet by Ray Begay

Kokopelli Silver Overlay Bracelet by Ray Begay

This bracelet depicts the Hopi God of Fertility: Kokopelli, whose flute-playing brings the spring, rain, and even fertility among the wildlife and tribe members!

Diameter (widest point): 2 1/8" Opening: 1 3/8" Width: 1 1/8"

Overlay, which is used by Hopi and Kewa tribes primarily, requires two silver pieces combined together. An artist carves the design in the top piece, and solders it to the bottom piece. This technique was especially refined by the Hopi but is widely used by artists of all backgrounds. Ray adds a unique step to his Overlay Bracelets by sprinkling silver dust onto the piece while it's hot. This approach creates a contrast of textures while keeping the piece thinner than the typical process of Sandstone or Tufa casting. It also allows his "background" to include stamped designs that can be seen when viewed closely.

Ray Begay is a Navajo Jeweler and Silversmith whose mother Frances Begay raised him and his brothers making and selling her chip inlay jewelry in the 1960's.

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