While the nearest most of us have been to a safari is by way of a David Attenborough program, we can acknowledge that Nature boasts an abundance of spectacular animals, both wild and domesticated. The grace and majesty in repose, the muscular movement, the stealth while hunting; we marvel at how much like us they appear as they rear their young, create their habitat, and protect their families.

We’re not too far removed from our predecessors when it comes to surrounding ourselves with reminders and remnants of the wild. We fill our homes and gardens with plants, trees, and flowers; perhaps we have a family dog or cat. We crave sunlight and water and, come evening, rest. In the world outside, our children learn to survive by way of instruction and repetition; we work together in our communities to improve the lot of us all.

Copper plated staue of three wild horse
Resin-cast, copper clad trio of magnificent horses remind us of the American west.

Perhaps because we still feel a connection to nature— especially when it seems to disappear, replaced by even more apartment blocks and creeping suburban sprawl, and when frightening reports of pollution, overcrowding, and climate change cause us to ponder the fate of humanity— it’s important to pause and be reminded of the dazzling gifts Nature has bestowed upon us.

Copper plated bust of a deer head in striking detail
The tentative path and enduring grace of deer is captured in this resin cast figure. The piece is plated in a layer of burnished copper.

Lifelike, realistic depictions of Nature’s creatures have been created by master artists over the centuries. Works in wood, stone, steel, and plaster fill museums and galleries and the homes of people who appreciate the extraordinary reminder of those with whom we share the planet.

Copper plated bust of two wolves
The curious and cunning personalities of wolves are depicted in this resin cast, copper plated bust.

A striking, realistic take on the animals we admire are the resin cast, copper plated sculptures found at the Pickle Barrel Trading Post. Deer, wolves, and bears come alive with natural poses; eagles and owls seem to soar. The horses are graceful, handsome creatures, captured mid-motion, and the expressive detail in particular animals (a mother and child elephant comes to mind; her gentle nudge the sign of a protective, though impatient parent) bring these statues and busts to reality.

Copper plated sculpture of mother and baby elephant
Elephant mother and child are caught in a special moment in this resin cast, copper clad sculpture.

A vision of wild animals, wings high, hooves in motion, are clear eyed reminders of the spectacular world in which we live. It’s pleasing and even comforting to add a few of these burnished, copper plated statues to the places we call home.

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Photography by Jim Lindstrom