Today we’re looking at Golden Hills turquoise, one of the year’s most sought-after gems. This beauty hails all the way from Kazakhstan. Eastern Kazakhstan, to be exact. The mineral deposit is called Atlyn-Tyube and is well known for producing a mineral called Dioptase. Dioptase is a deep emerald green stone thas hardness is similar to turquoise. Golden Hills turquoise, also known as Desert Lavender or Kazakhstan turquoise was discovered in 2013 and made its way stateside in 2018. It gained quick popularity due to its unique powder blue color. Its matrices display a wide range of colors including lavender, rust, and golden to dark brown. 


The first piece we’ll look at is this dainty Golden Hills turquoise and sterling silver cuff. Its artist stamp reads LMY. It’s lightweight and perfect for that hot summer weather. The matrix is a deep purplish-brown, and it’s got plenty of milky white and lavender highlights. This would pair perfectly with any pastel color, earth tones, and white. Wear it with a casual romper, strappy sandals, and a wide brim hat, or dress it up a little with some heels and a flowy sundress. This piece is dainty enough to mix and match with other jewelry or accessories, which brings me to my next favorite. 

This Golden Hills turquoise and sterling silver ring is a true stunner. It has a deep purplish-brown matrix and white and lavender highlights. The artist stamp reads TF, and it’s expertly set. Surrounding the stone is lustrous silver stamp work that’s perfectly symmetrical. Much like its sister bracelet, this piece pairs well with pastels, earth tones, and white. This ring is bold enough to stand on its own, yet soft enough to pair with other accessories. 

Next, we’ll talk about this weighty cuff. It’s bold and beautiful, and it’s crafted with plenty of sterling silver. This piece is different from the other pieces I’ve displayed today. It includes five generously sized Golden Hills turquoise cabochons with a striking depth of color. The stamp work is intricate and beautiful throughout. I wouldn’t recommend this cuff for warmer days, but it’s absolutely perfect for winter and fall. I’d recommend pairing this piece with a darker, more subdued outfit for a pop of color! 

The last piece we’ll be looking at today is this pair of elegant Golden Hills turquoise earrings. They’re charming and fairy-like with three silver drops at the bottom. They have deep brown matrices with creamy blue and white highlights. The artist’s stamp reads SW. These cuties are perfect for any time of year! They’d pair perfectly with either bold or subtle jewelry and accessories. Depending on what accessories you pair this with, these earrings can work with many colors. They can provide a vivid dose of color to darker outfits, and add a soft complement to whites and pastels.

I hope you’ve enjoyed June’s pick! You can find all these and more in-store and for sale on our website. Stay tuned for next month’s Stone of the Month!