Yard Art, Southwest Style

metal yart art – southwest style for 4 seasons

When non-Arizonan’s think of the Grand Canyon state, they usually think of desert with only cactus growing. While that is the case in some areas of the state, Arizona also has various types of plant life ranging from prickly cactus to whispering pine trees. If you live in the lower elevations, the temperature rarely drops before 32 degrees, which means you can grow all types of plants. The problem becomes the incredible dryness in this great state. Maintaining all your beautiful plants can be costly and time consuming. A possible answer to this problem – metal yard art.

When you visit the Pickle Barrel Trading Post, one of the first things you will notice is all the metal yard art in front of our store. The bright colors immediately draw the eye and you spend your first 20 minutes at our store just looking at everything outside. The great thing about this yard art is that it can enhance landscaping you already have or take the place of actual plants. Metal yard art requires no watering so whether you’re escaping the heat by heading up North or going on vacation for a week, you won’t have to worry about your plants not getting enough water.

metal-shaped foliage of all colors and sizes

There are several variations of metal yard art, but the ones that draw my eye every time I walk in the store are the sculptures that look like plants. There are bright green and purple saguaros and flat prickly pear with bright flowers that bloom year round. There are small, medium, and large metal flowers that will be radiant and cheerful every day of the year. Special paint is used on these metal plants so they won’t fade in the lovely, but often harsh, Arizona sun.

A rusty odd couple – metal pigeon and elephant sculptures

Scattered throughout the metal plants, there are animals made of metal as well. These have a more rustic feel, but go perfectly with bright metal plants or real plants. Pick a howling coyote, shy javelina, or playful quail – the choice is yours. The Pickle Barrel also offers an array of iron and stone sculptures that are unique and will always be a great conversation starter. There are rattlesnakes, roadrunners, and so much more.

metal wagon wheel, saguaro, barrel cactus and caballeros

No matter your taste in metal yard art, Pickle Barrel Trading Post has a vast array to choose from. We also have fountains to enhance your yard and colorful Talavera pottery if you decide you want to plant some real plants alongside your metal ones. If you’re new to the metal yard art scene, something is bound to catch your eye that you just have to have for your home. Even if you don’t have a big house and yard, there are smaller sculptures that are perfect for a balcony or stoop. And just think of the water think of all the water you’ll conserve in this vast desert by not having real plants to water. Come in today and check out our selection.

by Cameron Vines

photos by Jim Lindstrom