History For Free! Places to Explore in Globe, Arizona

Experience the rich history of Globe–for free! Here are the top three places to explore:

The Historic Center

A part of town that Western lovers will never want to leave. The popular destinations are Drift Inn Saloon (1902), Gila County Courthouse (1906), and the Holy Angels Catholic Church (1918). However, the entire historic center is filled with buildings from Globe’s Old West and mining glory days.

Not to mention, the residents of the area add to the town’s charm! Globe is a small, rural town that has about 8,000 residents. They enjoy the outdoors, small businesses, Old West tales, and meeting new people. You’ll experience both buildings and family tales that have been present for generations.


The Salado people occupied the area from 1200-1400 AD. They were an agricultural people who developed their own irrigation to grow pumpkins, beans, maize, and cotton. Besh-Ba-Gowah is the name of the town ruins that are still standing today in Globe. The ruins are only a small part of the entire pueblo that used to stand, however they have still given archaeologists insights on the culture that used to be.

Besides the ruins, the area also features a botanical garden that displays the plants used by the Salado. There is also a large museum with artifacts, a picnic area for enjoying the day, guided tours, and shops.

Old Dominion Historic Mine Park

Walk along numerous trails and hills as you learn the history of the Old Dominion Mine. Beginning in 1880, Old Dominion brought wealth and jobs to the growing Globe community. Even though it closed in 1931, the residents still attribute much of their town’s current success to the mine.

Now, the Old Dominion is a source of fitness and recreational opportunities. In addition to gathering here, residents enjoy the various levels of hikes that were built into the park. The community wanted the park to attract not just history buffs, but also outdoorsy people. The hikes range from beginner to expert as they loop around the park and the beautiful landscape.