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Sterling Silver Double Band Bracelet with #8 Turquoise


Sterling Silver Double Band Bracelet with #8 Turquoise JE160179
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The biggest producers at the #8 Turquoise mine where the Edgars (Cutler and Clive Edgar) and Dowell Ward. In the 1950's the Edgars, with a bulldozer, began looking for copper. They found some copper, but they found something more interesting, they had uncovered a deposit of some of the finest spider web Turquoise ever found in Nevada. The pocket produced more than 1,600 pounds of the very highest-grade Turquoise, thousands of pounds of gem grade turquoise, and a ton of chalk Turquoise, a discovery that is still being talked about today.

Besides its beautiful Turquoise, Number 8 has also been known for the large nuggets the mine produced. One nodule of high-grade turquoise that was sold to C.G. Wallace weighed more than nine pounds. Another uncovered was one of the largest turquoise nodules ever found. On June 23, 1954, Cutler Edgar, J.M. Edgar and Marvin Symes discovered a specimen that weighed 150 pounds. It was of good color and hardness and classified as gem quality.

This double band bracelet is crafted in sterling silver and set with a piece of #8 Turquoise from Northern Nevada.

Size: measures 5-1/4" in circumference with a 1-1/8" opening

Sterling Silver Double Band Bracelet with #8 Turquoise