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Acoma Pueblo Pottery by Patrick Rustin


Acoma Pueblo Pottery by Patrick Rustin GA160052
Native American Art & Crafts
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Patrick Rustin learned the art of working with clay from Shawna Garcia-Rustin, a full blooded Native American Indian born in December of 1969 into the Acoma Pueblo. Patrick Rustin, who was born into the Apache Tribe in 1970, crafts some of the finest contemporary pottery created today. Patrick is so skilled in his talent that he can fashion his incredible pieces down to the thinness of an egg shell. Highly sought after and intricately detailed, his all hand coiled abstract pottery vessels are one of a kind.

He begins the process by gathering raw clumps of clay and all natural vegetation needed for constructing his art. The clumps of clay are then broken down into a fine powder form and mixed with water and other natural pigments. Once the clay is mixed, he begins rolling it out into snake-like coils and building the vessels. Once the vessels are created they are set out to dry. When dried they are hand sanded and finally hand painted with all natural slips applied with an authentic yucca stem that is fashioned into a brush.

SIZE: 3-1/2" x 3-1/2"

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Acoma Pueblo Pottery by Patrick Rustin