Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelets Collection


​Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Wheeled Earrings


​Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Wheeled Earrings SB160040
Native American Jewelry
Price: 61.5 USD In stock

These handcrafted earrings are made of Sleeping Beauty turquoise cut and fit into teardrop-shaped, silver sawtooth bezels arranged in a wheel shape. Genuine sterling silver. Post backings. 0.6" diameter

This turquoise is sourced from the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine, which is recognized for having produced some of the finest turquoise in the world.

Note: Each pair of earrings is handcrafted individually from real Sleeping Beauty turquoise; therefore they may have slight variations in color or appearance. No two pairs of earrings are exactly alike.